Monday, 23 May 2011

The Grays are here!

Here's the grayscale version of the pages I worked on yesterday. I'm really enjoying the whole process of doing the grayscale thing

Yet another page pencilled and inked

Bloody hell I'm busy today here's another page for Faster than the Devil.
Three more to go.

Another page done

Here's another page of Faster Than the Devil....well the inks anyway. I'm currently adding the gray tones and I'll put that up when it's done.
This first 10 page episode of an ongoing story should hopefully be appearing in Flux UK in August.
Hope you all like it.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Another quick sketch

a nice pencil image


I am now in the market for commissions eg. You want me to draw you something then I'd love to do it for you.
Just let me know what you want.

What I'm up to at the moment

Hello, currently I'm rather busy on three titles Cancertown 2 written by Cy Dethan for AAM Markosia, Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague written by Steve Tanner for Timebomb Comics and a ten page series called Faster then the Devil written by Alex Du Gruchy for Flux Uk.

Here's a few pics to whet your appetites